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Road Markings And Safety Signs For Work Sites

ACE CENTER™ is specialized in the production and installs traffic road signs and markings in industrial estates, work locations and on public streets and highways to enhance safety on the roads for pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and other personnel.

Work environment/indoor safety warning and marking include: -

1. Pedestrian crossings
2. Walkways
3. Parking slots marking
4. Traffic signs
5. Road markings
6. All ranges of indoor and industrial personnel safety signs.

ACE Center Services


Supply Of Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)

ACE CENTER™ will source and provide on short notice, Personnel Protective Equipment of all types. These may include:

  • Reflective Traffic Cones
  • Reflective Road Traffic Signs
  • Traffic Signs
  • Reflective Personnel Safety Work Vest

ACE Center Services


Journey Management Planning

ACE CENTER™ is also specialized in advising and assisting companies on journey management. This can be custom made to suit companies’ specific operations.

ACE CENTER™ can organize and set - up a journey management database to cover all road routes across the country and modify / update such route conditions periodically.

ACE CENTER™ considers the following factors while preparing this package.

  • Type(s) of vehicles used by your company or organization
  • Type(s) of load or equipment transported
  • Distance and estimated time of journey
  • Local Terrain

ACE CENTER™ will set up a journey manager to help improve and develop your journey management to ensure sustainability.

ACE Center Services


FRSC Driver License Checks

Companies often do cursory checks of employee licenses and file copies away for reference purposes. There are inherent risks associated with this practice as unverified licenses may ultimately fail to meet statutory requirements that qualify the driver for the type of vehicle to which he may be allocated.

Authentication at the FRSC to ascertain the veracity of the driver’s claims is necessary. It is recommended that such checks are done yearly.

ACE CENTER™ can bear this administrative burden by ensuring proper checks are done; with results presented in Spreadsheet format for easy reference.

ACE Center HSE Policy

Health, Safety and Environmental Policies

At ACE CENTER™ Limited we believe that good HSE policy is an integral part of an efficient business management. Thus, We ensure the health, safety and security of our employee, Clients and most importantly noting that the environment is fundamental for our company's existence.

In pursuance of this, ACE CENTER™ Limited has set up an integrated HSE policy which is applicable to all her office locations and operational bases. ln addition to ACE CENTER™ Limited HSE policy, there are policies that exist for specific aspects of HSE managemanagement system, such as the Driving/Night driving policy, seat belt policy, personal protective equipment policy, reward/sanction policy, drugs and alcohol policy, no smoking policy, waste management policy, access control policy, audit inspection policy, community affairs policy, and emergency response policy.

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