Reviews From Trainees

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Truly you’re number one. The difference is very clear. It would do the trainees a lot of good if daily practical training is increased to one and half hour.

Abraham Otobong

Excellent Service but too pricy

Chimdira N. Igboamugo

Your services are splendid I must say, with a good receptionist. To top it all is your instructors…you are doing a great job.

Chidinma E. Thankgod

A very warm and friendly environment. I would definitely recommend a friend. Please keep up the good work.

Bright Nyekazi-Wami

I am really please with ACE CENTER™. And this is because the staff are very much approachable. The instructors are always prompt and although serious but their job required such. Thanks.

Bala Amechi

(1) I suggest that ACE CENTER™ should increase the number of days to take students on reverse practical.
(2) Create more awareness in the state because a lot of people do not know there is a center as this.

Precious Micah

No much comments, but the only thing l can say is Ace Center is going places. Am happy I came to learn here and I love everything I see and aside training I meet family. I am very grateful to be trained by this company. Thanks.

Damieibi Sokari Girlba

Ace Center is a place of high quality training and will be recommended to family and friends. There will be need for more cars and staff to facilitate a large number of customers at a time. Also there is a need for more classes on DDC.

Ayotamuno Tamunoboma Isaac

Your time of trainings should be exceeded to at least 1 hour 30 minutes to enable your trainees learn more and acquire more skills. And improve more on your Hand Book. It’s not properly contented. Make a handbook more richer and explanatory

Anyaogu Justina Uchechi

I suggest that the practical training session should follow a particular sequence each week so that no stone would be left unturned.

Anagor Chiamaka Rosemary

Your training system is okay. Keep it up.

Timothy Jonah

At first, I was told by friends I could be taught for free by them, but I decided I would lean in a school. Your organization is close to perfect because none is perfect.

Ariko Cynthia Ovuakporoye

Ace is the best driver training center...

Dan Ndotenyin Udo

Please keep up the good work. Thanks.

Charity Isiekwene

Good services. Keep it up

Aisha Bala Ahmed

Am impressed by a great service given to me here at Ace. Just keep it up to your work. I will honestly say, you do it best.

Mrs. Ikezuagu Chika

The trainee should be shown and taught everything that is kept in that classroom in order to make him/her flow very well in practical. They should always be serious and all the cars should always be fuelled and always in good condition. Thanks.

Mrs. Ukpono I. Johnson

I enjoyed my full training. I am fully satisfied with your service. I only had few issues with the car brakes and accelerators reacting slowly but besides that the service was very satisfactory. Thank you.

Azodeh Nkechi

Can the center provide customers with a photocopy of cadres of tyre wear etc so customers can have a copy for lather reference?

Sofiri Braide

Keep It up!

Orji Adaku Ihuoma

I think ACE CENTER™ needs a bigger place to match the quality of it's service.

Ejiogu Chinenye T.

The services are good but most times, there are encroaching into my time that is not paid for.

Eno Timipirir

My comment is that as a trainer you should be friendly enough to the person you are training to let him or her to know where his not good and keep correcting him or her, for the person to understand it perfectly.

Victor Raphael

Very impressive training. I have no regrets spending my time with you. I would suggest that you make available your instruction video clips to your trainees because repeated viewing, especially on a personal level, is very helpful.

Oti Timothy Benedict

To be frank I enjoyed my training all through my stay. The only area I think should be worked on is the area of the rest room and to maintain the standard of the training. If possible increase the standard. Thanks for the training.

Samuel Edwin Ibibo

I really appreciate my period of training I am so grateful for your reception. Kudos to my instructor, Mr. Wilcox and the female receptionist. God bless you all.

Edidion Maurice Akpan

I will appreciate it most of the training should be some times on the major roans where the trainee is able to compete with other road users to test one’s strength.

Udo Idongesit Emmanuel 

Every good organisation strive for a touch of excellent. I saw it her. Please keep it up. Thanks you.

Dr. Egwim Chinomso

The Services received do far is good. I want to encourage Ace Center to keep on doing the good work.

Fiberesima Victoria O.

As for me and my observation, the training was good and has helped mi improved my driving skill.

Jonathan Amiesimaka

Impressive, but more time is needed.

Mrs. Becky Brown West

It was a good training

Jossy Odiedim-Amachree

Very friendly and polite/helpful staff team.

Dafna Sappire

If I had Roland from the first day of my training I am apparently sure I would have been a pro driver. His good, he knows how to pass the driving message, his confident in his student not scared because of damage.

Ehoro Jessica Onyinyechi