Our Driver Training Programs

Driver Training

Our three (3) and four (4) Weeks Driver Training Programs are designed for individuals who do not have any driving experience or had previous driving experience and needs further improvement on their driving skill level. Our one (1) and two (2) Weeks Driver Training Programs are designed for drivers who have a good knowledge of driving but may have not driven for a long period of time or not driven in the Nigerian Driving Environment and therefore need a refresher course.

Our Driver Training Programs meet international best practices. We are certified by the Federal Road Safety Commission of Nigeria and the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). Competency training by Instructor Training Specialist Ltd. (ITS, UK), Any Driver Ltd, UK.

These program is partition into two categories

  • Training for Beginner Drivers (4 Weeks) 5 hours/week

  • Training for Beginner Drivers (3 Weeks) 5 hours/week

  • Training for Experienced Drivers (2 Weeks) 5 hours/week

  • Training for Experienced Drivers (1 Weeks) 5 hours

  • Weekend Training (Saturdays only) 2 hours/day


Advance / Defensive (Safe) Driving Course

The safe driving course is designed as a refresher course for individuals who have a long history of driving a motor vehicle.

It is a driving orientation program designed to ensure that the participant at the end of the training, can demonstrate a high standard of competence in handling light / medium vehicle(s) in a safe and responsible manner in the Nigeria driving environment.

Emphasis will be on hazard identification, defense and timely action, the physical condition, mental condition and the characteristics of a defensive driver, vehicle pre/post safety checks, traffic-regulations and highway code, the effects of a motor vehicle on the environment, hints on safe driving, drugs/alcohol and driving, driving conditions, journey management and many more topics.

This session will be backed with audio-visual aid. A theory motoring test will be conducted for the candidates to determine the overall impact of the course on the candidate.

Finally, a practical driving demonstration test will be conducted for each candidate to help identify, highlight and correct deficiencies in driving habits.

Course Outline include:

  • Introduction to defensive driving

  • Use of Driver Communication tools (audio-visual)

  • Highway Code

  • Driving Strategies (passing, maneuvering, city & rural)

  • Driving Strategies (passing, maneuvering, city & rural)

  • Six Conditions of Driving and how they affect the Driver

  • Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on the driver

  • Skidding: Courses and Control

  • Practical demonstration to identify and correct driving errors.

  • Driver commentary

  • Driver Perception (seeing habits of safe driving)

  • Journey Management.

  • Presentation of certificate


Evasive Driving And Anti Terrorist Awareness Course

The Evasive Driving / Anti Terrorist Awareness Course is a driving course designed and based on the ROADCRAFT Police Driver’s Course on Advanced Driving for persons at risk and other persons that work with those at risk in trying to evade terrorist attacks.

The objective of the course is to enhance confidence, awareness, driving skills and maneuvering ability of the participants.

The Evasive Driving and Anti Terrorist awareness course is made up of four modules, which include the following lectures:

Module I Practical Road Driving Techniques (Evasive driving)

  • Principles of vehicle positioning to normal road driving

  • Practical cornering techniques for smooth driving Commentary driving

  • Principles of vehicle ramming techniques

  • Forced, target and intermittent braking

  • Anti-surveillance techniques during normal public driving

  • Explanation of effective reverse and handbrake turns

  • Principles of controlling a vehicle traveling at high speed

  • Skids-cause and control


Emergency Vehicle Driver Training

The coaching the emergency vehicle operator (CEVO) training course is designed for candidates that drive and operate emergency vehicles as part of their job.

Objective: To Provide Safe, Efficient Transportation for Patient and Crew.

This six-eight hours interactive course is designed to enhance the professionalism of the ambulance driver.

The course teaches ambulance operators, who are under severe time constraints and duress, to navigate through traffic both at emergency and non-emergency situations. Benefits include:

  • Transporting patients safely

  • Emergency Driving Collision prevention training

  • Ensuring crew, motorist and Pedestrian safety

  • Enhancing driver professionalism


Industrial / Heavy Goods Vehicle Driver Training / Assessment

The Heavy Goods Vehicle driver assessment package is made up of six stages comprising an initial driver assessment which will reveal each candidate's driving ability. A candidate may be considered to have passed the practical test at this stage provided he has satisfied the conditions of the practical test; a written theoretical assessment will follow and a group discussion class which is aimed at reviewing each candidate's minor driving faults. Company rules and regulation as it affects driving and the use of operational vehicles will be discussed with the candidates in a classroom environment.

Finally, a second practical driving demonstration test will be conducted for any candidate who does not meet the set standard to pass the test.

Candidates who pass will be awarded the Company permit to drive for the relevant class of vehicle(s) with which he was tested.

If the candidate is found not competent (FAIL), the candidate may be nominated to attend Heavy Goods Vehicle driver training Course or repeat the aspect(s) of the test that resulted to failure to pass the driving test.


Driver Training For Host Community Youth

With the increasing demand for youth empowerment in the rural areas and host communities, ACE CENTER™ has designed this course to train beginner and experienced drivers from rural / host community on defensive driving techniques, General motor Vehicle maintenance and Vehicle care. This product is aimed at creating employment, enhancing a good relationship and also supports a positive investment to host community.

At the end of the course, candidates will be competent drivers who can undertake vehicle driving as profession for self-employment or for professional employment.


Driver Assessment And Recruitment (Out Sourcing)

ACE CENTER™ can assist individuals and corporate bodies to source capable drivers for specific duties or employment. Recommended personnel will be trained and highly skilled persons guaranteed to deliver specified tasks and targets base on the abilities they acquire from their training and experience.